My first FREEBIE for twenty-fourteen!

Hello! And happy new year!

I want to quick list off a few changes I have been working on, and from there I will let you know my first freebie of 2014!

The biggest and most important change that I have been working on is my proofing and ordering system! If you go on my “Proofing/Order-Prints” Tab, you will now be able to see all of your photos from your session, and order prints through there as well. Don’t worry, you will still receive your custom cd in a metal case. This is just an extra bonus, and a much easier way to order prints. You will need to email, facebook message, text, or call me to get your password. You can share your password with whoever you would like, I just want to have a password on there for your privacy.

So with that being said….my blog, which use to be for proofing,  is now used for, well….blogging!

So now onto the FREEBIE!!!

I have randomly selected 10 client’s photo sessions and put them on my “Proofing/Order-Prints” page! If you are on there, you have won a free 2″x3.5″ magnet.

Give it a look! If you are on there do these easy steps:

1. get a hold of me for your password & type it in.

2. pick out your favorite picture from that session

3. click on ‘buy this image’

4. click on magnet and add to cart

5. go to cart – enter discount code: FREEBIE2014

6. Proceed to checkout – it is free to pickup or $5.00 for shipping.

If your session is not on there, and you would like it there, contact me and I will happily add it.

Let me know if you have any questions upon ordering. I hope you love this as much as I do!


Sweet and Smitten is growing!

Oh the joys of starting my own business! It use to be so fun to just click a few pictures for people, edit them, and hand them a cd with their name “sharpied” on it. Now that I am getting a solid clientele, I have decided to take myself and my business more seriously. I have decided to put more time, energy, and money into my business. Mean while, I am trying to keep my photo session and print prices competitive so that you are getting the best product for the best price. (happy clients = happy photographer).

Here are a few things I am in the process of perfecting for you:

1 – Indoor space and lighting. I am now available to come to your house because I have the equipment to light up any space.

2 – Proofing/Ordering Photos. I have been working on a new ordering system, that will make ordering much easier to use for you as the client. My goal is to have this launched before the new year!

3- Shipping. I am now able to ship your photo-cd and Photos you order, right to your door…within days of ordering or within days of me finishing up editing.

4- Payment. Payment is so much easier now. You can pay cash, credit/debit, or write a check right out to Sweet & Smitten Photo.

I am so excited to share with you new ideas and I am so happy to move forward with this!


My family and I were going through old pictures yesterday, and we came across this! Me and my first camera! I remember this camera very well! I would take pillows and build them up against the wall, cover them with a blanket, and prop up my stuffed animals on it. I would pretend I was the photographer at the department store where we would go to get our photos taken.

It is funny how you look back at the things you were naturally interested in when you were little. Mine were always art/crafts, graphics, and photos. Little did I know that some day I would go to college and graduate to become a graphic designer, and eventually have a side business taking portrait photographs.

These pictures make me smile so much because they are truly me.

photo 4   photo 3