Jaydon @ 9 weeks

Today Jaydon and I had a mini photo session because he is beginning to be so much fun. Here he is doing what he does best: playing in his cloth diaper on a blanket his grandma made him.  We also got some smiles in and even a tongue-out pose! Poor little guy is gunna have to get use to momma always taking photos of him!


Back at it!!

Sometimes life takes over. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. Thankfully this year, we have had a lot of good things happen to me and my family.


Tim and I got hitched! And we had a beautiful baby boy: Jaydon Jude Maddox! We are so happy!!

Soooo…planning a wedding, moving into a different home, and having a baby has kind of kept me pretty busy for the past few months! But I am now ready to get back to “reality” again.

I will be posting different specials soon…and feel free to message me too, we can come up with a great photo deal for you as well!

I also haven’t given out a freebie in a while, so keep your eyes open for that!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting with you!!! You will love your photos! :)