Making your wedding smooth and organized for your photographer

Through my experience, I have noticed a pattern in things that work for helping your wedding photographer take the best photos they can possibly get at your wedding. Here are some tips to staying organized during your wedding:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire provided when signing your contract. This sheet really helps the photographer follow along with the plans of your wedding.
  2. Type out an itinerary. As busy as you are, it is really important to type out an itinerary. Include names and phone numbers of people in your wedding party. You will repeat a lot of things that are on the questionnaire, but it is really nice to hand the itinerary out to the whole wedding party so that everyone is on the same page during the time you are getting ready for your wedding.
  3. Make a list of family members that you want to  have the traditional photos of before or after the ceremony; Give this list to the photographer and also to an individual that can be in charge of gathering these people after the ceremony to get their photo taken. Your wedding is a hectic time, there are a lot of things that are going on in your head, and people are scattered everywhere.  It is the photographers job to take photos. Having someone else in charge of gathering family members helps everything go smooth and fast so that we can get out of the where the ceremony is being held and have time for the beautiful artistic photos.
  4. Have a plan to where you would like to go between ceremony. I suggest having a party bus or someone in charge of keeping everyone together. This avoids any of the wedding party getting lost. Sticking together is always the best when in a tight time-line.

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