Sweet and Smitten is growing!

Oh the joys of starting my own business! It use to be so fun to just click a few pictures for people, edit them, and hand them a cd with their name “sharpied” on it. Now that I am getting a solid clientele, I have decided to take myself and my business more seriously. I have decided to put more time, energy, and money into my business. Mean while, I am trying to keep my photo session and print prices competitive so that you are getting the best product for the best price. (happy clients = happy photographer).

Here are a few things I am in the process of perfecting for you:

1 – Indoor space and lighting. I am now available to come to your house because I have the equipment to light up any space.

2 – Proofing/Ordering Photos. I have been working on a new ordering system, that will make ordering much easier to use for you as the client. My goal is to have this launched before the new year!

3- Shipping. I am now able to ship your photo-cd and Photos you order, right to your door…within days of ordering or within days of me finishing up editing.

4- Payment. Payment is so much easier now. You can pay cash, credit/debit, or write a check right out to Sweet & Smitten Photo.

I am so excited to share with you new ideas and I am so happy to move forward with this!


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